About Us

About Us

Inspiring Living Spaces Through Unique Acoustic and Underfloor Heating Solutions

Resonate Systems are a UK manufacturer of efficient, high performance soundproofing systems and underfloor heating panels for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our solutions have been designed to meet the demands of modern construction methods including new build, retrofit and off site. The end-user experience is at the core of our product design, this has resulted in solutions that are engineered with an emphasis on saving time, space and money. Through this approach our aim is to exceed product performance and efficiency requirements.

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Easy on the Ear Soundproofing

Our soundproofing solutions are designed to do more than meet the demands of Part E Regulations. Our goal is create optimum living conditions for occupants in homes, workplaces and leisure facilities. Find out more.

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Space and Time Saving Solutions

Our low profile, easy to install solutions allow projects to be completed faster and more efficiently. We enable better more effective living spaces to be built faster.

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Welcoming Warmth Underfoot

Energy efficiency is underpinned by an ambition to create instant satisfaction in every room through underfloor heating and thermal insulation panels that perform to the highest standards. Find out more.

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Expert Advice and Technical Expertise

It’s complicated to identify the best soundproofing and underfloor heating solutions, our experts are on hand to meet the specific requirements of your project. Provide us with your plans and we will do the rest.

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Richard Hillman

Ingenious soundproofing systems
and underfloor heating panels.
Enhancing living conditions
with systems designed specifically
for your home & workplace.

The Resonate team are here to help you select the right soundproofing and underfloor heating panels for your project. Whether you require a solution for a single room or multiple developments our team can identify the solution best suited to your needs.

Speak to Our Experts

Avoid build time delays by failing essential soundproofing tests on your project. Don’t cut corners when it comes to providing occupants with optimum underfloor heating experiences. Speak to our expert technical team today.