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Resonate Systems are UK manufacturers of ingenious soundproofing systems and underfloor heating boards. Our goal is to enhance living and working environments with innovative and efficient acoustic and heating solutions.
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Will Your Project Meet Building Regulations?

All Floors and walls in new build and refurbishment developments must meet minimum sound insulation values in order to pass Part E Building Regulations. Resonate’s range of high performance soundproofing products for floors and walls will enable you to pass the required tests.
Explore our range of Part E  solutions below.

GYPDECK dry screed boards laid on an I-joist timber floor


GYPDECK are dry screed acoustic floor boards featuring a high  performance acoustic layer. They provide excellent impact and airborne noise reduction properties for new build and refurbishment developments.

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ResoDeck acoustic chipboard laid on a solid joist timber floor


ResoDeck are acoustic overlay boards featuring a high performance resilient layer. They are the ideal solution for refurbishment timber floor applications, where the soundproofing properties of a room need to be improved.

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Optimum Underfloor Heating Experiences

Our innovative underfloor heating solutions provide instant and efficient heating to any room. Our HEATDECK dry screed underfloor heating boards deliver an efficient spread of heat across a floor. ResoTherm, our pre-routed underfloor heating insulation boards can be designed to your specification and are ideal for wet underfloor heating systems. Find out more here:

HEATDECK gypsum fibre underfloor heating boards laid on an in-situ concrete slab floor


HEATDECK underfloor heating boards offer excellent thermal conductivity properties, enabling them to provide immediate and efficient heating performance. HEATDECK can accept floor  finishes such as ceramic tiles with 24 hours of installation.

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Resotherm R XPS are super strong insulation boards featuring routed channels for installation of underfloor heating pipes. Foil faced versions of the underfloor heating boards are also available for improved underfloor heating efficiency.

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Avoid build time delays caused by failing essential soundproofing tests on your project. Don’t cut corners when it comes to providing occupants with optimum underfloor heating experiences. Speak to our expert technical team today.