Why is Soundproofing Important?

Why is Soundproofing Important?

Meeting Building Regulations

Soundproofing is required on new build and refurbishment projects in order to meet Part E Building Regulations. A qualified acoustic engineer must be employed to complete impact and airborne tests that determine whether the regulations have been met. These tests capture specific impact and airborne noise values in order for a project be considered fit for occupation. Failure to achieve these standards will prevent a project from being signed off by building control and cause significant building delays.

The User Experience

Meeting Building Regulations is important, however it is also extremely beneficial to consider occupant living conditions as the motivation for soundproofing a property. For example a refurbished apartment is likely to be viewed more positively if it isn’t possible to hear neighbours or outdoor noise. In commercial properties such as hotels, well soundproofed rooms will also provide better sleeping and living conditions than those poorly soundproofed resulting in better guest experiences, more recommendations and positive reviews.

So whilst soundproofing is an essential consideration for all new build and refurbishment developments in order to achieve Building Regulations it also hugely important to consider the experience of occupants when considering how well the project is soundproofed.

Your Soundproofing Requirements

There are various soundproofing products available to help meet Building Regulations and enhance living conditions. For product and technical support specific to your project speak to our technical team today. Call and speak to expert now by calling: 0116 464 7212 or send us an email with your soundproofing needs here.