What is an Acoustic Chipboard?

What is an Acoustic Chipboard?

Acoustic Chipboards for Floor Applications

Acoustic chipboards are a soundproofing solution for floors. They are popular method of meeting Part E Building Regulations (sound) on existing developments. Acoustic chipboards are quick and simple to install making them suitable for skilled and novice installers. When installed as part of a complete soundproofing system they are an effective solution for silencing noisy neighbours and other noise pollution.

Acoustic Chipboard Composition

Acoustic chipboards are traditionally a combination of a P5 chipboard top layer technically bonded to high performance resilient layer. The typical overall thickness of acoustic floor boards is 28mm (chipboard is 18mm and the resilient layer is 10mm). The chipboard component adds mass to the floor to help eliminate impact sound transmission, whilst the resilient layer effectively deal with airborne sound.

Refurbishment Floors

Acoustic chipboards are a suitable solution for existing timber floors. They represent an essential component within a complete soundproofing system. The following components should be installed to meet the demands of Building Regulations on an existing timber floor:

Resilient bars and acoustic plasterboards should also be installed below the timber joists to deliver the best possible acoustic performance.

ResoDeck acoustic chipboard laid on a solid joist timber floor

Alternatives to Acoustic Chipboards

Dry screed boards are a modern alternative to acoustic chipboards. The high density boards replicate a concrete floor finish and offer superior soundproofing properties. Better acoustic performance is achieved through the boards mass, making them an excellent solution for timber frame developments that lack the necessary mass to achieve building regulations. The boards concrete finish enables them to accept various floor finishes directly including ceramic tiles. For more on dry screed boards read this article:

Your Soundproofing Project

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