What is an Acoustic Batten?

What is an Acoustic Batten?

Acoustic Battens

An acoustic batten is a traditional soundproofing solution for timber and concrete floors. When correctly installed they assist in helping a development meet Part E Building Regulations. The battens consist of a sustainably sourced timber upper layer with a high performance resilient layer on the bottom. Soundproofing battens are traditionally available in two heights; 45mm and 70mm. Supplied in lengths, the battens can span up to 2.5 metres.

Acoustic Battens on Concrete Floors

Soundproofing battens are an effective soundproofing solution for concrete floors. Both 45mm and 70mm variants are suitable for this build type. To complete the system an acoustic flanking strip is installed around the floor perimeter and a timber sub deck laid on top of the acoustic battens. This creates a void in-between the battens that can be used to to run cables and services. Floor finishes are then installed on top of the timber sub-deck.

Find out more about our range of 45mm acoustic battens here.

ResoBatten 45 shallow soundproofing battens on in-situ concrete slab floor
ResoBatten 45 laid on an in-situ concrete slab floor. An acoustic flanking strip is installed around the floor perimeter and a OSB chipboard laid on top.

Acoustic Battens on Timber Floors

Soundproofing materials must compensate for the lack of mass in timber floor developments. In this scenario 70mm battens must be installed. Additional layers must also be installed to complete the system:

  • An acoustic plasterboard and OSB chipboard above the battens
  • Mineral wool in-between the acoustic battens and the timber joists
  • Resilient bars and acoustic plasterboards beneath the timber joists
  • Acoustic flanking strip around the floor perimeter

Find out more and download the technical data sheet for our range of 70mm soundproofing battens here.

ResoBatten 70 installed on timber i-joist floors
ResoBatten 70 installed on timber i-joist floors. Mineral wool between the joists acoustic battens. Resilient bars and acoustic plasterboards fitted below the timber joists. An acoustic plasterboard and an OSB chipboard installed on top of the battens.

Acoustic Batten Alternatives

Dry screed acoustic floor boards have become a hugely popular alternative to soundproofing battens for soundproofing timber and concrete floors. The boards concrete finish provides sufficient mass without the need for multiple soundproofing layers. This means that dry screed boards have significantly less impact on floor height compared to a soundproofing batten system. A dry screed board is ready to accept floor finishes at 28mm thickness, whereas a timber batten system will be at 107mm. The boards also provide a more solid underfoot experience compared to batten systems.

Find out more about dry screed boards here.

GYPDECK dry screed boards laid on an I-joist timber floor
GYPDECK 28 laid on timber i-joist floors

Your Soundproofing Requirements

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