What is a Resilient Bar?

What is a Resilient Bar?

Sound and Vibration Resistance with Resilient Bars

Resilient bars are typically fixed to the underside of joists in a timber or steel floor or to a timber and masonry block wall. When installed as part of a complete acoustic system they provide excellent soundproofing and vibration elimination properties.

Resilient Bars or Floors

Resilient bars are an important component on timber and steel floors. Fixed to the underside of the joists, the provide a small gap from the acoustic plasterboards. They resilient bars assist the acoustic flooring and other soundproofing materials in meeting part E Building Regulations.

GYPDECK 28 dry screed acoustic floor board laid on metal web timber joist floors
GYPDECK 28 laid on metal web timber joist floors. The Resilient bars are installed just below the i-joists followed by the acoustic plasterboards

Resilient Bars on Walls

Resilient bars can be installed on both timber stud and masonry walls as part of a complete soundproofing system for walls. They can either be fixed directly to the wall or to an acoustic plasterboard layer. To complete the system soundproofing material can also be installed between the resilient bars for improved acoustic performance. The acoustic wall lining board is then fixed to the resilient bars to complete the system

ResoWall on timber stud and masonry block walls
The resilient bars are shown here fix to a timber stud wall.

Soundproofing Support

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