What are Part E Building Regulations?

What are Part E Building Regulations?

Part E Building Regulations

Part E Building Regulations concerns the sound performance standards that must be met in order for a development to be considered fit for occupation. A project will not be signed off by building control if it doesn’t meet these standards. To meet these standards for new build and refurbishment developments soundproofing products must be installed.

The performance values that must be reached differ for new build and change of use projects. Sound tests completed by qualified acoustic engineers must achieve the following results:

You can view the official Part E Building Regulations document here.

Acoustic engineers test for two types of sound: impact and airborne. It is therefore important that the soundproofing products installed are able to cope with both. On concrete developments where there is more mass in the floors more attention is paid to airborne noise, as these type of floors are naturally able to cope better with impact noise transmission. Timber floors lack mass so soundproofing products must be introduced to deal with both impact and airborne noise. See the supporting articles below for more information on soundproofing different floor types:

Part E Building Regulations is of significant importance in new build apartment buildings where tenants are located above or adjacent to each other. Similar attention must also be paid to refurbishment projects where rooms are being upgraded to flats. Sound insulation must be introduced to prevent sound transmitting to or from rooms or shops located above or adjacently.

Without the introduction of soundproofing materials, impact and airborne noise can transmit from one property to another. In addition to failing Building Regulations, apartments with poor soundproofing will have a negative impact on living conditions for occupants.

Achieving Part E Building Regulations

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