Underfloor Heating Solutions

Underfloor Heating Solutions

Optimum Underfloor Heating Experiences

An instantly gratifying underfloor heating experience is achieved with our unique range of underfloor heating floor panels for wet underfloor heating systems. HEATDECK, is our super high performance dry screed underfloor heating panel and ResoTherm is our grooved insulation solution for underfloor heating applications. The systems are perfect examples of innovation and efficiency delivering the best possible underfloor heating experience. Find out more, download datasheets and request samples of our underfloor heating solutions below.

Gypsum Fibre Underfloor Heating Panels

Our range of dry screed gypsum fibre underfloor heating panels, are able to deliver an efficient spread of heat across a floor featuring a wet underfloor heating system. Easy to install and capable of accepting various floor finishes HEATDECK panels are an excellent underfloor heating solution for any floor. The panels routing can be designed exactly to your specification.


HEATDECK, is a low profile, dry screed underfloor heating panel. Manufactured from recycled gypsum fibres, the CNC routed panels are engineered to provide optimum underfloor heating conditions in new build and refurbishment developments.

Dry Efficient and Fast

The underfloor heating pipes are laid inside the 18mm HEATDECK panels routing. The highly conductive panels transfer heat from the underfloor heating pipes quickly, efficiently and effectively underfoot and into the surrounding room. Occupants can enjoy optimum room temperatures quickly and efficiently in a room where HEATDECK is installed.

  • Efficient and fast transfer of heat
  • Suitable for all types of 12-16mm UFH pipes.
  • Excellent heat retention (high thermal conductivity 0.032 W/mk)
  • CNC routing options: Straights, circles, radius returns and universal
HEATDECK gypsum fibre underfloor heating panels laid on an in-situ concrete slab floor
HEATDECK underfloor heating panel with returns


The dry screed HEATDECK panels efficiently distribute heat to a floor for optimum underfloor heating conditions for occupants.

Thermal + UFH

Underfloor Heating Insulation Panels

Our high performance underfloor heating insulation panels are suitable for use with a wet underfloor heating system. Available in multiple thickness’ and strengths, our ResoTherm panels can be designed with routing to suit your requirements. The panels can also be used as part of acoustic and underfloor heating system.

All ResoTherm logos

ResoTherm is a super strong, high performance range of XPS insulation panels for new build and retrofit developments. The panels are available with CNC grooved channels to suit all types of Underfloor heating pipes.  Available in multiple thickness’ and foil faced variants there is a solution for all project requirements.

  • High thermal performance, option of foil facing
  • Suitable for all types of 12-16mm UFH Pipes
  • Multiple thickness' available
  • High compressive strength
  • Excellent heat retention (low thermal conductivity 0.33W/mK)
  • Can be used in conjunction with an acoustic floor system

ResoTherm Flooring Options

ResoTherm XPS R

Resotherm XPSR is a super strong extruded polystyrene insulation panel featuring grooved channels for all types of under floor heating pipes. Also available foil faced.

Thermal + UFH
Resotherm XPS AR underfloor heating panels

ResoTherm XPS AR

Resotherm XPS AR underfloor heating insulation panels, feature CNC grooved channels covered with a heat optimising aluminium diffuser layer for UFH pipes to be installed.

Thermal + UFH

ResoTherm ChipR

Resotherm ChipR is a 18mm P5 chippanel featuring grooved  channels for all types of under floor heating pipes, bonded to super strong high thermal performance XPS Insulation panel.

Thermal + UFH

ResoTherm EPSR

Available plain and foil faced Resotherm EPSR panels are excellent value underfloor heating insulation solution for floors.

Thermal + UFH

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