ResoWrap - Thermal UFH Pipe Insulation

ResoWrap pipe insulation enhances the energy efficiency of underfloor and central heating by reducing the amount of heat that escapes the pipework. The high performance pipe insulation also eliminates pipe noise and reduces the risk of pipes freezing.

ResoWrap Thermal piper insulation image Resonate ResoWrap is the perfect solution for insulating underfloor heating and central heating pipework. Installation can significantly reduce heat loss, saving energy and money. It can also be used in loft spaces to prevent pipes freezing, or as a solution to reduce noise generated by the pipework.

The highly flexible rolls are lightweight, easy to install and available in multiple thickness’ to suite different sizes of pipes

  • Lightweight, easy to handle and quick to install
  • 100% recyclable. Zero VOC's - Zero CFC's - Zero ODPs - GWP
  • Eliminate airborne and impact noise from pipework
  • Save energy/money when operating an underfloor heating system