ResoQuilt - Soundproofing Wool

ResoQuilt are soundproofing rolls designed to replace traditional mineral wool between floor joists and in wall cavities. They are super soft (itch free) making them easy for installers to handle. The soundproofing performance of the 50mm rolls is the equivalent of 100mm mineral wool. Save space on deliveries and in storage, but don’t compromise on performance with ResoQuilt.

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Soundproofing for In-Between Joists

Resonate ResoQuilt is a high performance sound absorbing wool roll manufactured from a unique polyester fibre that gives it very high sound absorption properties. ResoQuilt 50 replaces the traditional 100mm mineral wool installed between joists in a sub floor.

ResoQuilt’s unique composition means the 50mm ResoQuilt offers the same acoustic performance as the 100mm mineral wool. At 50mm thickness the rolls also take up significantly less space on deliveries and in storage

Super Soft and Easy to Install

ResoQuilt are super-soft, making them incredibly easy to handle and install. This is a significant benefit to installers who no longer have to deal with the itch and irritation of traditional mineral wool.

The ResoQuilt 50 rolls are installed between timber joists on separating floors or in the void of partition walls. ResoQuilt 15 are installed between resilient bars on an acoustic wall lining system.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent impact sound reduction
  • Super soft, easy to handle and quick to install
  • Half of the thickness of traditional mineral wool. 50mm not 100mm
  • Takes up less space on storage and in deliveries

Suitable For

  • Refurbishment Timber Floors and Walls

Installation View

ResoDeck 28 acoustic floor panel laid on solid joist timber floor

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ResoQuilt Applications

metal web timber joist floor cross section image
beam and block concrete floor cross section
In-situ concrete slab floor cross section
Pre-cast concrete plank floor cross seciton
Profile metal deck concrete floor cross section
Solid timber joist floor cross section
Steel joist floor cross section
Timber i-joist floor cross section