Part E Building Regulations

Part E Building Regulations

Is Your Project Part E Compliant?

All Floors and Wall in New Build and Refurbishment developments must meet minimum sound insulation values in order to pass Part E Building Regulations. Resonate’s range of high performance soundproofing products for floors and walls will enable you pass the required tests. For more information contact our technical experts to prevent delayed project completion and meet Part E regulations.

Meet Part E and Section 5
Building Regulations with Resonate

Creating living experiences that save time, space and provide occupants with great living conditions are an essential consideration for the innovative insulation solutions we develop here at Resonate.

However, an integral part of that ambition is meeting and exceeding the
requirements of Part E and Section 5 (Scotland) Building Regulations. The regulations are set to ensure the noise levels in multi-storey developments and housing provide  adequate living conditions for occupants.

You can feel safe in the knowledge all Resonate acoustic products are  designed to meet and exceed these standards.

The Resonate Solutions Brochure includes soundproofing performance figures
for all our solutions when installed on all floor and wall types.

Pre-Completion Testing

Part E and Section 5 regulations are met as a result of a development successfully passing Pre-Completion Tests (PCT).

The phrase “Pre-completion” dictates that a development is “incomplete” without the requirements of these essential tests being met. Once met the property is considered to be fit for occupation.

To ensure airborne and impact sound values are achieved, PCT tests are completed by a qualified acoustic engineer.

Required Sound Insulation Values

Don't Delay Building Completion

Minimum sound insulation values must be achieved in all floor and wall constructions. Speak to our experts to get a FREE site visit, or discuss your project requirements over the phone.

Resonate Products and Solutions Brochure

The Resonate Solutions Brochure features our extensive range of high performance noise reduction and underfloor heating systems. From product dimensions to acoustic performance ratings on specific floor constructions, the brochure is extensive and highly informative.

Visit the technical literature page  to download there brochure

  • Technical dimensions for all our products
  • Full spectrum of benefits for every solution
  • Technical drawings for specific floor and wall applications
  • Easy to use acoustic and underfloor heating solution finder
  • Guidance on how our solutions will help you achieve Building Regulations

Resonate Brochure

Resonate Solutions Brochure final front cover

Speak to Our Experts

Avoid build time delays by failing essential soundproofing tests on your project. Don’t cut corners when it comes to providing occupants with optimum underfloor heating experiences. Speak to our expert technical team today.