Grand Tour Part 3 – Resonate Systems

Grand Tour Part 3 – Resonate Systems

Product Information Overload

With so many products in the Resonate Systems range, find out how we made it easy for visitors to find the essential information for each of our soundproofing products and underfloor heating boards.

The Challenge: Deliver all the key features of each product without overwhelming visitors with information

How We Kept it Simple

If you visit the GYPDECK page you will see selection of tabs along the top. Each of these tabs relates to the different variations of the product, GYPDECK MR and GYPDECK 18 for example. So instead of having to visit a different page or scroll down for each product, the tabs allow for a clean easy to co-ordinate website experience.

You can even jump into the Resonate Technical brochure and site navigation from the product information window.

Further down the page visitors are then presented with buttons that allow them to download the specific data sheet, request a sample or contact us for more information.

This is then followed by a clear set of “key benefit” graphics and suitable floor/wall applications. All of these features make it easier to determine whether the product has the right features and is suitable for the intended application.

It’s easy to find out the key benefits and suitable applications for each product.

The Grand Tour Continues

By now you’ve probably mastered the Resonate Systems website and are keen to find out more about the brains behind the business. The next addition to the Resonate Systems Grand Tour will go behind the scenes as we go into the factory.

Team Resonate