The Grand Tour Part 1: Resonate Systems

The Grand Tour Part 1: Resonate Systems

No Place Like Home

Welcome to Resonate Systems, the home of ingenious soundproofing solutions and underfloor heating boards. The key focus for the team during the web design process was making it simple to find the exact information you are looking for straight from the homepage. There is no place like the homepage…

Simple Navigation

In addition to the standard main menu at the top of the site, we also included two green “call to action” buttons on the home page. One that leads you to the entire product range and another which allows you to contact us easily.

It is also simple to access Resonate product pages directly thanks to the logo strip at the bottom of the page. Accessing products such as GYPDECK and HEATDECK couldn’t be easier.

The main menu (top of the page) is a hub to all the websites resources. We’ve designed it so visitors with different needs can get the information they are looking. If you are building a new build it’s easy to find suitable solutions via the “construction” tab, or if you need a solution for concrete floors you can get to those resources via the applications tab. If you are just on the hunt for technical literature the tab at the top will take you straight there.

Resonate Systems Website Preview image
It’s so simple to find your way around the Resonate website

What is your Experience?

The Resonate team would be delighted to hear your thoughts on our new website, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us via email directly. Part 2 of the Resonate Grand Tour goes deeper into the new website. Until then have fun navigating our new site.

Team Resonate