How to Soundproof an Existing Wall

How to Soundproof an Existing Wall

Soundproofing an Existing Wall

Soundproofing existing walls is often required to meet the demands of part E Building Regulations. The need to soundproof walls is often a consequence of a rooms change of use. For example a storage room above a shop is converted into a flat for domestic use. The introduction of soundproofing wall treatments can help significantly reduce impact and airborne noise transmission, to improve the occupants living and working conditions.

Refurbishment Wall Soundproofing

Existing timber stud and masonry walls can be fitted with acoustic wall lining panels to deal with impact and airborne noise. Soundproofing wall panels can be fitted directly to the wall, or as a component within a complete acoustic wall lining system for even better soundproofing performance.

Timber Stud Wall Soundproofing System

Timber stud walls are lightweight construction type, which means that multiple soundproofing products are required to achieve excellent noise reducing properties. The follow combination represents a super high soundproofing system for walls. It is possible to use fewer components, for the best solution for your application contact our technical team.

ResoWall on timber stud and masonry block walls

Masonry Wall Soundproofing System

The mass of a concrete masonry wall is able to cope with impact noise effectively, therefore less components are needed to complete a soundproofing system for masonry walls. As with timber stud walls it is possible to use fewer components, to find the best combination for your project speak to our technical experts.

Soundproof Your Project

For more information on to soundproof your refurbishment project contact our expert technical directly on 0116 464 7212 or via our contact page.