How to Soundproof a Screed Floor

How to Soundproof a Screed Floor

Soundproofing a Screed Floor

Screed floors provide significant mass to floors making them effective at coping with airborne noise transmission without the need for additional soundproofing layers. However, impact sound transmission still needs to be dealt with in order to meet the demands of Part E Building Regulations.

To achieve the sound values required it is common for a high performance resilient layer to be installed below the screed. Installed in conjunction with an acoustic flanking strip the under screed acoustic system isolates the screed from the sub-floor to significantly reduce the transmission of sound. The two components contain the entire screed making it impossible for sound to escape below or around the floor perimeter.

Polyethylene Under Screed Foam Systems

Polyethylene rolls are a popular method of soundproofing a screed floor. Installed before (below) the screed is laid the high density light weight rolls are quick and easy to fit and offer excellent acoustic properties. Installed with an acoustic edge strip and acoustic joining tape the combined system contains the screed and reduces the risk of acoustic flanking. Find out more about our Resofoam under screed system here.

System Benefits

  • Excellent impact sound reduction
  • 10mm , high resistance to moisture/tearing/snags
  • Superior tensile and compressive strength properties
  • 100% recyclable.

Resofoam under screed soundproofing system

Rubber Under Screed System

Robust rubber acoustic rolls are also a popular method of soundproofing screed floors. Rubber rolls can be installed above or below a screed. When installed below the screed an acoustic flanking strip must also be installed around the perimeter. The under screed method of soundproofing provides the best acoustic performance. Find out more about our range of ResoRubber product for under screed applications.

Screed Soundproofing Advice

Check out the following resources for more information on soundproofing concrete floors:

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