How to Soundproof a Concrete Floor

How to Soundproof a Concrete Floor

Soundproofing a Concrete Floor

Soundproofing a separating concrete floor and meeting the demands of Part E Building Regulations mainly concerns the elimination of impact noise. Airborne noise is less of an issue as the mass of a concrete floor is able to absorb airborne noise transmission without the need to install soundproofing materials.

Soundproofing a Screeded Concrete Floor

A concrete floor expecting the installation of sand cement or flowing screed requires the installation of high performance soundproofing layer to eliminate impact noise.

Acoustic solutions can either be installed below the screed or on top of the screed. When installed below the screed an edge strip is also installed to prevent acoustic flanking. Acoustic flanking refers to noise escaping the acoustic floor treatment which can compromise Part E Building Regulation tests. These solutions isolate the screed from the floor and significantly reduce impact noise.

Our range of ResoRubber products are suitable acoustic solution for screed concrete floors.

Concrete Floor Soundproofing

Alternative soundproofing solutions including acoustic floor panels and battens that are installed directly to the concrete sub-floor. These solutions save time as there is no need to wait for wet screed systems to dry before installing floor finishes.

Dry screed panels represent a suitable alternative to wet screed systems, as the panels embody many of the benefits of a screed floor without the drying times. Typically manufactured from gypsum fibre the high density panels replicate a screed floor and are able to accept ceramic tiles directly. Featuring a high performance resilient layer the panels deliver excellent impact and airborne performance.

Resonate manufacture GYPDECK dry screed floor panels, which are suitable for concrete floor applications.

Other solutions include acoustic chippanel based acoustic floor panels. The panels lack the density and mass of dry screed flooring, but a high performance resilient layer is able to deliver the impact soundproofing performance required for concrete floors.

Acoustic floor battens are also a popular solution for concrete floors. The height of the battens creates a void where services can be installed. If the concrete floors are un-even an acoustic cradle system can also be adopted. The resilient layer on the base of both of these solutions is able cope with the impact noise issue associated with a concrete floor.

To isolate the acoustic flooring from the sub-floor and to prevent the risk of acoustic flanking all acoustic flooring solutions require the installation of a acoustic flanking strips. Flanking strips are installed around the floor perimeter, failure to install them can compromise the performance of the floor and increase the risk of failing part E Building Regulations.

Resonate Concrete Floor Acoustic Insulation

Below is the full range of acoustic insulation products suitable for installation on separating concrete floors. For technical support and product guidance specific to your project please contact our technical team.

Resonate Concrete Floor Soundproofing Solutions
Resonate’s range of soundproofing products suitable for concrete floor applications

You can explore Resonate’s entire range of acoustic insulation products here.