How to Install Acoustic Edge Strips

How to Install Acoustic Edge Strips

Acoustic Edge Strips

Acoustic edge strips are an essential component of an acoustic floor system. Failure to install them may lead to acoustic flanking, which can lead to the development failing Part E Building Regulations and delaying project completion.

How to Install Acoustic Edge Strips

  • Acoustic flanking strips should be installed once the acoustic flooring system has been successfully laid.
  • When installing an acoustic floor board packing shims should be placed around the edge to create the space required to install the flanking strips.
  • Once the entire flooring system is laid, remove the packing shims and begin to fit the acoustic edge strips.
  • Lightweight and flexible the acoustic flanking strips are easily pushed into the gaps, apply sufficient pressure to ensure the flanking strips fit completely and touch the sub floor.
  • Use a knife or scissors to cut the acoustic flanking strips to the required size.

The examples below show that a wide acoustic flanking strip (white) is installed around the floor perimeter on acoustic batten system, whilst a slimmer edge strip is suitable for an acoustic floor board system. It is important that the chosen flanking strip is able to span the height of the acoustic floor treatment.

Once the entire floor perimeter has been fitted with the acoustic edge strips, skirting boards can be installed above the flanking strips and floor coverings on top of the acoustic flooring. Where necessary a knife or scissors can be used to trim excess edge strips that may appear below the skirting boards.

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Acoustic Edge Strip Advice

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