HEATDECK Dry Screed Underfloor Heating Panel

HEATDECK represents an optimum underfloor heating solution for new build and refurbishment developments. The pre-routed dry screed panels distribute heat quickly and efficiently to provide occupants with a welcoming warmth when ever they need it. HEATDECK are significantly faster to install than wet screed alternatives, requiring only 24 hours before floor coverings (ceramic tiles/carpets) are installed.

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Resonate HEATDECK is a low profile, dry screed underfloor heating panel. Manufactured from reinforced gypsum, the CNC routed panels are engineered to provide optimum underfloor heating conditions in new build and refurbishment developments.

Dry Efficient and Fast

HEATDECK is a completely dry system that is able to accept floor finishes (carpets, tiles etc) within 24 hours of installation. A significant time saving benefit over wet system alternatives.

The underfloor heating pipes are laid inside the 18mm HEATDECK panels routing. The highly conductive panels transfer heat from the underfloor heating pipes quickly, efficiently and effectively underfoot and into the surrounding room. Occupants can enjoy optimum room temperatures quickly and efficiently in a room where HEATDECK is installed.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient and fast transfer of heat
  • Suitable for all types of 12-16mm UFH pipes.
  • Excellent heat retention (high thermal conductivity 0.032 W/mk)
  • CNC routing options: Straights, circles, radius returns and universal

Suitable For

  • New Build
  • Refurbishment

Installation View

HEATDECK laid on metal web timber joist floor

HEATDECK is suitable for the following floors

metal web timber joist floor cross section image
beam and block concrete floor cross section
In-situ concrete slab floor cross section
Pre-cast concrete plank floor cross seciton
Profile metal deck concrete floor cross section
Solid timber joist floor cross section
Steel joist floor cross section
Timber i-joist floor cross section

Speed Up Build Times with HEATDECK

As a 100% dry underfloor heating panel, HEATDECK provides significant time saving benefits over wet screeds in the construction process. Avoid the risk of missing deadlines with our unique flooring system.

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