What is Dry Screed?

What is Dry Screed?

Dry Screed Floor Panels and Boards

Dry screed floor panels can be used in soundproofing and underfloor heating applications. Manufactured from gypsum fibre, the high density boards provide excellent soundproofing and floor heating properties on new and existing properties.

Unlike wet screeds, the dry properties of screed board solutions allows for floors to be constructed more quickly, to significantly reduce build times. Their slim design also reduces the impact on floor height compared to traditional methods of floor construction. Screed boards represent one of the most versatile and high performance flooring solutions available to the construction industry.

GYPDECK 28 dry screed board - acoustic flooring solution

Dry Screed Soundproofing

Screed panels can be used as a means to soundproof a property and meet Part E Building Regulations. High density screed board products such as GYPDECK 28 feature a high performance resilient layer, enabling them to provide excellent impact and airborne noise reduction.

The floor panels can be installed on the sub-deck of a new or existing separating floor, once the entire floor is covered acoustic edge strips should then installed around the perimeter of the floor to prevent acoustic flanking. A floor featuring screed boards is able to accept various floor finish including ceramic tiles and is able to withstand heavy furniture and foot traffic.


GYPDECK 28 our high performance acoustic dry board system for floors. Learn more about GYPDECK here:

GYPDECK dry screed boards laid on an I-joist timber floor
The GYPDECK 28 boards are shown here on a solid timber i-joist separating floor. Mineral wool is installed between the joists and acoustic edge strips around the floor perimeter.

Dry Screed Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating performance is also optimised when using a dry screed flooring panel system. The boards feature high thermal conductivity, enabling heat to transmit from wet underfloor heating systems efficiently across a floor.

Screed Boards can be used as a combined soundproofing and underfloor heating system. In this scenario, the resilient layer is installed below the routed insulation board and wet underfloor heating system. The screed panels are then installed to complete the system.


Our GYPDECK 18 screed boards can be used as part of soundproofing an underfloor heating system. Find out more about GYPDECK 18

The resilient layer is installed on the concrete floor, followed by the wet underfloor heating system and routed insulation, GYPDECK 18 board and finally the floor finish. Acoustic flanking strips are also installed around the floor perimeter

Routed Dry Screed Boards

Routed dry screed floor panels can be used on floors expecting a wet underfloor heating system. With the pipes installed directly into the boards, underfloor heating performance is optimised. Heat is able to transmit from the underfloor heating pipes efficiently, thanks to the boards high thermal conductivity.


HEATDECK is our routed dry screed board underfloor heating solution for new existing properties. Learn more about HEATDECK:

HEATDECK gypsum fibre underfloor heating boards laid on an in-situ concrete slab floor
Wet underfloor heating pipes are installed directly in the routed dry screed boards.

Versatile Flooring Solution

In addition to their soundproofing and underfloor heating properties, screedboard floor panels are very versatile when it comes to installing floor finishes. Ceramic tiles, laminate flooring and carpets can be installed directly to floor featuring dry screed flooring. They are also suitable for soundproofing of heating all floor construction types including timber, concrete and steel floors. Screed board panels are an ideal solution for all types of domestic and commercial floor including kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, hotel rooms and more.

GYPDECK dry screed boards laid on an I-joist timber floor
GYPDECK screed boards installed on timber joist floor. Carpet is laid directly on the GYPDECK boards
Resother EPS R insulation laid on steel joist timber floors
GYPDECK and underfloor heating system on a steel joist floor. Ceramic tiles are bonded directly to the GYPDECK boards

Dry Screed Floor Panels for Your Project

Does your project require a dry screed flooring system. Whether your project requires a soundproofing, underfloor heating or combined system the team at Resonate Systems are here to help with your project. Contact our team of technical experts about your project today.