Acoustic Insulation Products

Acoustic Insulation Products

Acoustic Insulation Product Range

All Floors and Walls in New Build and Refurbishment developments must meet minimum sound insulation values in order to pass Part E Building Regulations. Resonate’s range of high performance soundproofing products for floors and walls will enable you pass the required test. For more information on our range of solutions see below, for additional advice contact our technical experts to meet Part E regulations and prevent delayed project completion.

Floor Soundproofing

Soundproofing floors is a recognised method of meeting Part E Building Regulations for new and existing developments. By successfully isolating the floor, acoustic flooring can significantly reduce impact noise caused by foot traffic and airborne noise such as music.

GYPDECK dry screed acoustic floor panels, provide a combination of excellent impact and airborne noise reduction, simple installation and reduction in build time benefits. The high density gypsum fibre boards are able to accept floor finishes including ceramic tiles directly making them an ideal soundproofing solution for any room and floor. Laid directly on the subdeck the GYPDECK boards have minimal impact on the floor height.

  • New Build
  • Refurbishment
GYPDECK dry screed boards laid on an I-joist timber floor
GYPDECK 28 dry screed board - acoustic flooring solution


Featuring our unique Resonate FibreFleece resilient layer GYPDECK 28 represents the very best in slimline, easy to install soundproofing solutions.

ResoDeck MR dry screed acoustic floor board featuring a moisture resistant resilient layer


Equipped with a high performance closed cell resilient layer GYPDECK MR represents an excellent soundproofing option, capable of dealing with potential floor undulations.

ResoDeck WF dry screed acoustic flooring with a woodfibre resilient layer


GYPDECK WF provide additional compressive strength benefits, which makes them an ideal noise reduction solution for floors expecting heavy furniture and white goods.

GYPDECK R dry screedboard acoustic flooring featuring a rubber resilient later


GYPDECK R features a rubber (R) resilient layer, the panels benefit from excellent moisture resistant and compressive strength properties.



GYPDECK 18 is a versatile dry screed panel that can be added to existing under floor heating system, or supplied as a complete flooring system (GYPDECK 18 +ufh).

Acoustic & UFH

Is Your Project Part E Compliant?

All Floors and Wall in New Build and Refurbishment developments must meet minimum sound insulation values. Contact our technical experts to prevent delayed project completion and meet Part E regulations.

ResoDeck are a range of high performance chip board based acoustic floor boards ideal for refurbishment applications. The boards effectively reduce noise to improve living conditions and help meet Part E Building Regulations. Different resilient layer options are available to suit the intended application.

  • Refurbishment
ResoDeck acoustic chipboard laid on a solid joist timber floor
ResoDeck 28 PRO acoustic floor board

ResoDeck 28 PRO

RESODECK 28 PRO is a high performance acoustic flooring solution suitable for use on timber separating floors.

ResoDeck MR moisture resistant acoustic floor board

ResoDeck 28 MR

The closed cell acoustic layer featured on ResoDeck 28 MR boards makes them ideal for coping with floors with minor undulations.


ResoDeck 28 WF

Incorporating a high compressive strength acoustic layer ResoDeck 28 WF is a suitable noise reduction solution for floors expecting non-load bearing partitions and heavy furniture.

ResoDeck Direct - Direct to timber joist acoustic floor board


ResoDeck DIRECT is a high performance acoustic flooring solution suitable for “direct to joist” timber floor applications in refurbishment applications.

Direct to solid joist timber floor cross section image


The ResoFoam 10 System Kit is a complete soundproofing solution for under screed floors. When installed the system isolates the screed from the floor and walls. Suitable for soundproofing new build apartments the system provides excellent impact noise reduction.

  • New Build
ResoFoam 10 System Kit installed under a screed floor
ResoFoam 10 System kit complete

ResoFoam 10 System Kit

The ResoFoam 10 System Kit isolates the screed from the sound floor to reduce impact noise transmission.


ResoRubber under screed soundproofing rolls isolate the main floor from the floating screed to significantly reduce impact noise to enhance occupant living conditions.

  • New Build
ResoRubber Base laid under a screed floor
ResoRubber Base under screed soundproofing roll


ResoRubber are a range of thin, high performance acoustic layers suitable for installation under a screed.  The rubber isolates the screed from the main floor superstructure, significantly reducing impact noise


Available in depths of 45mm and 70mm, ResoBatten acoustic floor battens are a high performance soundproofing solution for new build concrete and timber floors. A significant benefit of installing a ResoBatten system is the ability to run services in the void.

  • New Build
ResoBatten acoustic battens laid on a metal web timber floors

ResoBatten 70

A deep acoustic timber batten for timber and concrete separating floors.


ResoBatten 45

A shallow acoustic timber batten suitable for concrete separating floors


Wall Soundproofing

New and existing walls can be soundproofed to help a project meet Part E Building Regulations. Wall lining systems can be installed directly to walls or feature as part of a complete system. Upgrading a walls acoustic performance can significantly enhance occupant living conditions.

Slimline and versatile the ResoWall boards provide essential soundproofing for structural and partition walls on new build and retrofit developments. The solution can be fitted directly to walls or to resilient bars for extended performance benefits.

ResoWall on timber stud and masonry block walls

  • New Build
  • Refurbishment
ResoWall acoustic wall lining board

ResoWall 30

ResoWall 30 boards are suitable for both timber stud and concrete block walls in new build and refurbishment developments.


Soundproofing Essentials

The following products should be used in conjunction with our acoustic floor and wall solutions. For full details of what is included in our soundproofing systems view the technical data sheet for the specific acoustic flooring or wall system.

ResoEdge are a versatile range of soundproofing flanking strips designed to isolate floors and walls. An acoustic system without edge strips can lead to failed Part E sound regulation tests.

  • New Build
  • Refurbishment
ResoEdge acoustic flanking rolls

ResoEdge Roll

ResoEdge Roll are high performance straight edge soundproofing strips installed in conjunction with floor and wall treatments to prevent acoustic failure.


ResoQuilt soundproofing roll logo

Super soft, easy to handle and half the thickness of traditional mineral wool (50mm not 100mm) ResoQuilt 50 are installed between the timber joists or wall cavities. They provide excellent soundproofing benefits for refurb and new build developments.

  • Refurbishment


ResoQuilt 50 soundproofing rolls are user friendly to install between joists and wall cavities.


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