Acoustic Flanking and How to Prevent it

Acoustic Flanking and How to Prevent it

What is Acoustic Flanking?

Acoustic flanking occurs when sound escapes through spaces surrounding a floor or wall soundproofing treatment. This can compromise the soundproofing performance of the room and result in the failure of sound tests that must be completed to meet E Building Regulations. It is possible for both impact and airborne noise to be the cause of acoustic flanking.

How to Prevent Acoustic Failure

To reduce and prevent the risk of acoustic flanking sound it is important that all acoustic floor and wall systems are installed with acoustic flanking strips around the floor perimeter and in spaces where it may be possible for sound to escape.

Isolating a Floor

When installing an acoustic floor board on new build and refurbishment floors it is beneficial to leave a gap 5mm gap between the wall and the acoustic floor board. This gap will provide space for acoustic edge strips to be installed correctly once the acoustic floor has been installed. To maintain a consistent gap, use packing shims around the entire floor perimeter.

Once the entire floor has been covered with the acoustic floor boards remove the packing shims and fit acoustic edge strips into the gap. Resonate’s ResoEdge flanking strips are suitable for this application.

The successful installation of acoustic edge strips will reduce the risk of failing sound tests and help ensure the developments achieves part E Building Regulations.

ResoRubber Base laid under a screed floor

ResoEdge – Acoustic Edge Strips

Resonate ResoEdge L30 are “L” shaped soundproofing strips installed around the floor perimeter of acoustic floor treatments. They isolate the acoustic flooring from walls and skirting and prevent acoustic failure from occurring.

The ResoEdge L30 are manufactured in white, the same colour as majority of door frames and skirting boards. This provides a significant benefit over coloured alternatives that can effect the visual appearance of the floor finish.

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